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Twitter Assignment

Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman)

Sarah Silverman is an American comedian and actress. She is known for her toilet humor and political satire. I have been following Sarah on Twitter for quite some time. She is a great Tweeter! Almost all of her Tweets are funny, and usually laugh-out-loud funny. Sometimes they are simple Seinfeld-like observations, such as “The richest black man in NYC has got to be Duane Reade.” Other times she goes directly for the funny bone like in this Tweet, “Spotted a homeless man w/ a coat around his shoulders & full-on James Brown hair. He’s the hardest working man in no-business.” But her Twitter feed is not all about comedy. She frequently mentions her older sister, Laura Silverman (@LauraJSilverman), who is an aspiring actress herself, and plugs products as seen in this Tweet, “The Sarah Silverman Program CD “From our Rears to Your Ears” comes out today. If you like that kind of stuff…” She does a great job branding herself as a comedian and showcases her unique sense of humor using Twitter, and at the same time is selling her products and helping her sisters career by giving her some publicity. She also makes very good use of pictures and videos in her Tweets, some original content, and some borrowed from other sources.

Michael Barnes (@outandabout)

Michael Barnes is the social columnist for the Austin American Statesman. He probably has one of the coolest jobs in the world. He goes to all the parties and social events in Austin and writes about them. Almost all of his Tweets are about new posts on his blog “Out and About.” His Tweets are very effective at peaking interest and making the reader click the link to his blog, as seen in this March 3 Tweet, “Close encounter in Austin with John Mayer? http://bit.ly/cumWaM. (Hint: Probably not.).” But, Michael also Tweets about what he is doing, where he is going, and reply’s to other Tweeters mentions with the best of Twitter etiquette. Michael is a very effective Tweeter. His twitter feed is an abbreviated version of his blog. He Tweets often, but not too often as to annoy followers, and constantly leads people to the blog, which is his goal. He also Tweets about things going on in Austin that people may not hear about anywhere else, which makes people want to follow him.

Elaine Garza (@GiantNoiseEG)

Elaine Garza is the founder of Giant Noise, A Public Relations firm with offices in Austin, Texas, and New York City. Elaine uses her Twitter account to talk about her clients and to get buzz going around their products and events they may be involved with. She is very good at this. When reading her Tweets, I do not feel like I am being sold anything. Her Tweets read like those of a fan, or an interested observer. I actually had to check her client list on the Giant Noise Web site to make sure the people she was Tweeting about were actually clients. Tweets like “@amycookmusic at lambet’s is so on tonight” and “Just got a finished copy of @amycookmusic new cd Let the Light In, looks amazing. April 6 is the day” just sound like those of a fan. They seem genuine and that is what will make people find out more about @amycookmusic. She does not just Tweet for the sake of Tweeting like some people tend to do. Each Tweet has a take away for her followers. Elaine also Tweets and retweets about other things happening in her life and in Austin. This is a good and effective way to maintain a following. Most people will not want to follow a publicist to hear them plug their clients all day long because that is not interesting.



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