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FlashForward Releases First 10 Episodes February 26, 2010

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For those who don’t know, “FlashForward” is a new series on ABC that aired in the fall. Episodes came to a halt on Dec. 3 for the Christmas and Olympic Games break. It will resume on March 18. The show is quite similar to “Lost” in that it has a somewhat complex storyline, full of details and lots of characters. The show starts when just about everyone on the planet blacks out for 137 seconds and sees a vision of what appears to be the future. For the next 9 episodes, the story follows an alcoholic FBI agent researching the blackouts. It is a great story that is full of potential. It has lots of mystery, suspense, action and drama.

From a publicist point of view, it makes perfect sense to release these first 10 episodes during this long hiatus. The story is so complicated the people will need to watch the episodes again after a 3 month break. The question is, why did they wait so long? The DVD and Blu-ray set came out just a few days ago, on Feb. 23. In my opinion, the set should have come out around Christmas just like the FOX series “Glee” did on Dec 29. This would have given potential fans more time to check out the show before the break ends. Instead, fans only have 23 days to buy the DVD and watch all 8 hours of the show before episode 11 starts back up. It also could have potentially been a popular holiday gift!

The other problem I have with this DVD set is the lack of special features. All ten episodes are available to watch on the ABC Web site for free in high definition. There should be some reason to buy this half-series on DVD, like a preview of whats to come or some detailed explanation of the black outs that is not available anywhere else. Instead of buying the first ten episodes now, I think most people will watch them online and buy the full set when they come out in late August. I know that the publicist is not usually in control of content or release dates, but they should have been raising questions and red flags and stopped this. A good publicist will know what fans of the show want and when they want it better than anyone else. In this case, the ball was dropped and a lot of people let it roll all the way to what is going to be a disappointing release.



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