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Losties Get More Questions Than Answers in the Final Premiere February 5, 2010

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Fans of the hit TV show “Lost” have been promised answers in the final season, but most are skeptical. I for one would have been shocked if we had not been presented with new mysteries for the final season. Because the mystery and surprise is what makes Lost as good as it is. I knew we would be more confused than ever by the first episode of the final season, but I never predicted the flash-sideways concept.

Since the third season, “Lost” fans have enjoyed both flash-forwards and flashbacks, which was hard enough to follow. Now we flash to what seems to be an alternate universe where Oceanic flight 815 never crashed in what I call a “flash-sideways.” This adds another fascinating element to the show which is sure to add to its cult following.

So if you are a publicist, what can you do to promote a wildly popular show that is shrouded in mystery? Or the better question might be, what do you need to do? The teasers ABC has been playing have had faithful fans salivating since December. The thing they have tried to do is educate the people that never got into the show. There are many ways they have been successful with this. The first and most important thing they have done is to keep all the episodes from all six seasons on their website that you can stream in high definition for free. I don’t know of any other show on any other network that does this. Other popular ABC shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” do not do this. They only have the most recent episodes available. The ABC Web site also offers Lost mobile alerts via text message and different recap videos to keep viewers caught up.

ABC has also created a site for Lost fans to test their knowledge called Lost University.
The drawback is that you have to buy Lost Season 5 on Blue-ray to actually take the classes.

And as everyone that watches the show knows, each week you get an hour recap episode before the actual episode that includes hints and insights that may not always be obvious to viewers. This is very helpful to keep viewers from getting overwhelmed by the depth of the storyline and also catches you up in case you missed an episode and didn’t have time to go online and watch it in the past week.

All these things are great, but unnecessary. The show can hang onto viewers and bring in new ones on its own merit. If ABC doesn’t post Lost content, fans will go elsewhere to find it. But it sure does make the PR people at ABC look good…



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